On September 5th, dozens of forest lovers, volunteers, and advocates spent an amazing day discovering, serving, and enjoying the Wilson River corridor in the Tillamook State Forest.

TrashThis section of land along the Wilson River and Highway 6 is perhaps the most recognizable recreation zone in between Portland and the Oregon coast and we were out to partake in some of its offerings. Volunteers picking up at ad hoc shooting ranges collected a pickup truck full of shell casings, blown up targets, and accompanying trash. Some target shooters were kind enough to pitch in, but other groups did not seem to care.

Farther west, a group of photography enthusiasts explored some of the more sightly areas along the Wilson River, including hidden waterfalls, the Devils Lake & South Fork pool where steelhead stack up waiting to push up into spawning grounds, and some of the few remnant old trees and stumps that hint at the forests old growth history.

DCIM100GOPROAdventures Across Oregon was kind enough to initiate some beginners into the world of fly fishing. These lucky learners got to learn about catching fish, but also conserving and identifying fish as part of a larger view on what it is to be an angler/advocate.

There were also hikers and bikers out enjoying the surprisingly good weather. At the end of the day, nearly 40 of us gathered for a celebratory meal at Jones Creek and discussed the need for conservation areas in these beautiful public lands.

Forest Talk