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Stretching across more than 500,000 acres of public land in Northwest Oregon between Portland and the Coast is an oasis of secluded salmon streams, popular recreational trails and important hunting and gathering areas. Including both the Tillamook and the Clatsop State Forests, these public lands are owned and valued by all Oregonians.

Receiving over 100 inches of rain a year, it is one of the best places on the planet to grow big trees. The forest is crucial habitat for endangered and threatened species such as the northern spotted owl, marbled murrelets and coho salmon, as well as game species such as deer and elk. It filters and supplies drinking water for more than 500,000 Oregonians. And it acts as a massive carbon sink that’s important in the fight against climate change.

For too long, this area has been considered a tree farm with a sole focus on timber harvest. 

With your help we will change that, by restoring balance to management of state lands on the North Coast. 


The Oregon Department of Forestry is advancing a plan to protect the Tillamook and Clatsop Rainforest for fish, wildlife and people. It would conserve important wildlife and recreation corridors such as the Nehalem River corridor, the Kilchis River, Kings Mountain and the Miami River headwaters. All important salmon streams will earn wider forested buffers to protect clean water and fish. Later this year, the plan will be up for federal approval.

If approved by federal agencies, it will remain in effect for 70 years. It would be an enduring conservation legacy to leave for generations of Oregonians to come.

We need you to voice your support for this idea now and throughout the coming year. Timber interests are already proposing an alternative to scale back conservation and go back to full scale logging on the forest.

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