About Us

About Us

Stretching across more than 500,000 acres of public land in Northwest Oregon between Portland and the Coast, the Tillamook Rainforest is an oasis of secluded salmon streams, popular recreational trails and important wildlife and game habitat.

For too long, the Tillamook was considered a tree farm by the timber industry. 

With your help we will change that. 

Our goals include:

  • Long-term, visible conservation areas on state forests, which protect critical values that industrial-style timber plantations do not provide
  • Strong biodiversity on these forests, including the recovery of threatened and endangered species
  • A healthy Oregon Department of Forestry State Forest Division that is fully funded by a stable and diverse revenue stream
  • Abundant and diverse recreation opportunities for Oregonians and visitors that builds appreciation for state forests and supports local economies

Our work is carried out by thousands of Oregon residents, local businesses, partner organizations, and government agencies.

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