• On April 2nd, the Washington County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution supporting Conservation Areas on the Tillamook state forest and endorsed a sound forest management plan.
  • On April 22nd, the Tualatin City Council expressed similar support for our state forests with a proclamation.
  • On May 7th, the Cannon Beach City Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing Conservation Areas.

Our elected officials voicing their interest in the legacy of our state forests is a welcome addition to the conversation. If you live in Washington County and/or Tualatin, we encourage you to thank these officials!

Click here to thank the Washington County Commission

Click here to thank the Tualatin City Council

Governor Kitzhaber recently re-emphasized his support for state forest conservation areas and a scientific approach to state forest management in a letter to State Forester Doug Decker and the Board of Forestry.