Yassine Diboun is an ultramarathoner, professional coach and business owner. And he spends a lot of time training in the Tillamook. He uses the forest not only to get his miles in and develop his trainees: he goes there to feed to his soul. 

“Some people go to the mosque or church. I go to the Tillamook.” 

Outdoor recreation is such an important part of Oregon’s economy and our culture. 

State wide it’s a $13B industry. On the North Coast alone, fishing, hunting, birding, trail riding and other activities contribute $500 million to the local economy every year. 

Access to outdoor recreation on public lands consistently ranks as one of the most important parts of life for Oregonians. They won’t trade it for anything. 

That’s why it’s so important that we have balanced management that includes conservation and recreation on 500,000 acres of state lands that stretch across the Tillamook Rainforest. Learn more at forestlegacy.org.

Credits: @tracy.nc @miyamotoryan