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The Tillamook and Clatsop forests offer hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, wildlife viewing, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, photography, and so much more. They are beautiful places to explore no matter how you like to get outside.

Our friends at Outdoor Project are awesome in countless ways! Of course, our favorite is that they have compiled many of the adventures available on Oregon’s north coast. Lots of them are witin our state forests. They have even specially highlighted the Wilson River – a really special piece of the Tillamook State Forest. Outdoor Project always encourages you to “adventure like you give a damn!

The Sierra Club published 50 Hikes in the Tillamook State Forest in 2001. Sometimes you can find it online or in a local used bookstore, but it’s largely unavailable because it’s been out of print for so long. Don’t worry, they’re working on a second edition! Stay tuned…

The North Coast State Forest Coalition leads a series of outings in these forests. You can sign up on our Meetup site.

Finally, some awesome volunteers have put together some trail guides to help you get out into the forest–check them out, print them, and take them with you! If you want to contribute more, email us here.

[Note: the Port of Tillamook Bay owns extensive rail rights of way varying in width from 50 to 200 feet in the Salmonberry Corridor. This is not public land. For more information, click here.]

Kings Mountain & Elk Mountain Loop

Upper Salmonberry

Lower Salmonberry (Trail Overview and Driving Directions here)

University Falls and Gravelle Brothers Trail

Nehalem Falls Loop Trail

Soapstone Lake

Four County Point Trail & Steam Donkey Trail (shot trails for on the way to or from the coast)